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district_curia's Journal

District of Curia
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Kept within the District of Curia is paranoia – a paranoia welded into every metal barring that secures the city's outer walls, fixed into every building's structure, and burnt into the minds of every single inhabitant. Its creation had been secret, and so well hidden that its very existence is all but unknown to the rest of the living world. No one chooses to live here; they simply must.

Curia is built with one core ideal: Division. Where the pure go, where the tainted go, and everyone stuck within the lapse between. The citizens of such a deranged city are all alive, all aware and conscious of their surroundings, but they are so obviously starved of the natural development of a normal society. Where once people wandered freely, there now reigns constant security. Within the city's walls, everything is constantly watched and persistently monitored.

The makers of Curia are unknown to most, and those that know such revered names must never speak them thoughtlessly. It is often believed that the creators of the hidden district had lost any and all sanity long before the construction of Curia had even begun, but nothing has even been proven. Most are too fear-stricken to at all consider researching Curia's shrouded history.

It is a heaven-hell, with its own special sector devised of those that remain in the Neutral. A makeshift Limbo world. The White Division.

The pure are sorted into the Blue Division.

And the tainted, the Red Division.

But there is one thing that everyone knows – no one is getting out.


The characters are those from the post-time skip. They are wrapped up in an Utopian world, that fails to achieve the lofty goals of a perfect society. District Curia citizens instead are faced with government oppression, conspiracy, and adversity in their daily lives. This is a serious rpg, het/yaoi/yuri-friendly. If you have any questions, please contact a moderator.


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